Testimonial from Kelly

I met Chris de Castell about 5 years ago when he was doing 15 min massages at a show. I sat in the chair and I asked him to focus on my neck. I had been having neck and back pain since I was a teenager and a lump on the back of my neck for at least 10 yrs. Little did I know that 15 min was going to change my life. When I got out of the chair I felt so much better but I did not really know what was different. I just kept thinking he did more for me in 15 min than I have ever gotten from an hour message. I could not wait to call him a schedule a full hour session. It was only when I got home that my husband said the lump on your neck is gone what did he do? Needless to say I have continued to work with Chris over the years. He has an ability to look at you and know where your pain is and he has a special gift that helps him to help you release that pain.

Before meeting Chris I had been receiving massages for 20 yrs but never from a man. Chris is very professional and makes you feel comfortable while getting the job done. He took very detailed notes on my history and helped me to get rid of my pain. After our sessions he would recommend stretches or exercises to help me between visits. Sometimes we are so focused on the pain in one area that we don’t realize that it is all connected and by working on your arms you may just release a problem in your neck. Chris is a spiritual guy who he has helped me both physically and mentally over the years and I trust him beyond belief. He has also helped my husband, who for many years did not believe in massage. However, after several hockey related injuries including concussions and several treatments his balance was restored as was his faith in alternative medicines.

Chris has most recently been using EFT to work with my 10 yr old twin boys. They look forward to spending time with him and have been able to work on their fears. One of my boys struggles with self esteem issues while my other son is afraid of dying and of losing the people he loves, he is a very sensitive boy and wants to help everyone and feels bad when he is unable to take away others pain. Chris has taught them the techniques they need to use to calm themselves down and to help them cope with their feelings. We still have a long way to go but we are all working towards a common goal. He does phone follow ups with them and he makes them feel special. Chris has a calming way about him that the kids adore and instantly want to open up to him. Chris has helped heal our family in so many ways and he will continue to do so for many years to come.