Sameer Panjwani, Toronto, Ontario

Chris is truly a renaissance man of the mind and body work area. With a deep knowledge of the body, its bio chemistry and energetics. Chris takes a unique approach to body work which combines his razor sharp intuition with his voluminous knowledge about the body to create a holistic solution that results in visible changes and improvements. I am a fit man in my early 30s who works out 30-45 minutes daily and meditates regularly. I also see a chiropractor and have monthly adjustments done. My body is fairly fit and I look after it. Yet overtime it has accumulated both physical and emotional wear and tear that Chris has effectively addressed.

I first met Chris as an NLP coach. Since then my treatment has involved hypnotherapy, perceptual mobility, EFT, and Massage both deep tissue and swedish. My experience with Chris is that he brings whatever is needed to attack the issue and is relentless in driving an evolutionary yet impacting and lasting change. My most recent experience has involved two massage sessions of 90 minutes each.

During the first session, Chris did a lot of body work with my traps and legs including my feet. I had a tremendous pain in my rib because of a Yoga injury. After the session the pain was quite muted and so was I. I was left feeling healed and transformed. 2-3 days later the pain had reduced to about 25% of the original by the end of the week it was about 10%. The next session was completely different and involved a deep tissue massage and considerable breath work. I found myself feeling lighter than I have in years. A feeling of painlessness has overcome and I, after a long time have enjoyed the lightness of being pain free. Of all the massage experiences I have had in the last ten years. Chris is Eons above the rest both in effectiveness and diversity of palette.

Chris’s studio also involves a noteworthy mention. The clean, and open space along with solid equipment and the great view creates an instant healing atmosphere. The music is always calming and relaxing and is very therapeutic. Missing out an opportunity for one of Chris’ massage would be a true disservice to your self improvement.