S.B. — Toronto, Ontario

It’s 2130 hours and I just left Chris. Thank *T.U.B.S. for him. I did some transformational work with him and now life is my oyster. Where there was joy there’s even more joy and I now know what it feels like to connect to my soul in a tangible way. I am now the fearless person that I was meant to be. Fearless and full of love. When I mentioned to Chris that I couldn’t imagine 1000 people in the church’s social hall, in less than 5 minutes with a quick technique I could envision those people. It was do-able. The wonderful thing about Chris is that he wants to help people but mostly he wants to help us to help each other. He wants to empower us so that we can empower others. Chris basically helped me to remember who I am. I am so excited about the prospect of building a joyous, loving healthful community starting hopefully at the **MCC and then exploding outwards as it gathers momentum. I do believe I am writing the testimonial in my journal. I did want to say that I am looking forward to going back to work in a hostile environment because I am filled with more love and confidence and I want to share that. I thank God for bringing Chris into the MCC. I have never seen such unparalleled generosity. Usually therapists take a very long time to bring about positive change in their clients. They might charge exorbitant amounts and they definitely wouldn’t share their trade secrets. Chris, in one session, showed me how to do for myself what he did and freely spent time with me that should have cost close to $800, and he didn’t charge me anything close to that.

*Tenacious, Unavoidable, Biggie, Smallie = God
**Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto