George Karaminas, Montreal, Quebec

After having worked with Chris for several months now, I can say that he’s a genuine pro. He has the ability to take very complex and multifaceted issues and drill down to their source, where true healing lies. I have lost count of the number of wow moments I have experienced from our sessions, but the results have benefitted me in my daily life and all my endeavors. Chris’s vast experience, intuition and proficiency with various modalities help him to immediately pick up on the slightest of cues – many of which I am not even consciously aware of – and he skilfully proceeds to guide each session exactly to where it needs to go. He is an endless well of good tips, tricks and effective techniques that anyone can apply. Truly a great personal process coach.

Chris, thank you infinitely for all the amazing recommendations you have made and the brilliantly woven cognitive shifts that you have helped me come to. It is not an understatement to say that you have transformed my life (by first changing my thinking in a powerful way) in such a short time.