Emilie Desmond — Massage-therapist and Doula Montreal, Quebec

I got to know Chris thanks to his massage skills. He offered me a treatment, and I was blown away by his capacity to go deep inside the unconscious world of his client, with no fear of the dark side he might encounter on is way to healing and or relieving the pain. The way he worked at the physical and mental level blew my mind and right away made me see the shaman in him. It is a real inner adventure he takes you along on his massage table, a great way to face our deepest rooted fear in a safe environment.

I had the opportunity to experiment the efficiency of EFT thanks to Chris on a very bad day when I was about to lose my head because of sleep deprivation. My upstairs neighbours for the past year or so had been systematically waking up at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night and bringing havoc on top on ours head. Despite calling the police, the landlord, filling complains, nothing would help! And since I had recently given birth and while trying to breastfeed and keeping my sanity, I seriously felt I could become violent against them if nothing was going to change! I ended up meeting Chris one day completely out of the blue (I do believe in synchronicity though!) and he proposed me a session of EFT to help me let go of that invading feeling of powerlessness towards this type noise. I didn’t really want to let go at first, I was dreaming of being able to unleash all the anger and frustration connected to that powerlessness and frustration that I had building up inside me. He patiently encouraged me and finally allowed some transformation through a short and efficient session. The result ultimately came in a very surprising and radical way, not only did the intensity of their night life noise seemed to decrease in my ears perception, but they finally MOVED OUT a few days ago, a thing they had promised doing an year ago!! So let me tell you that not only does that technic seriously decrease the intensity of the problem, if it doesn’t suppress it completely from our subconscious internal files, it literally moves mountains around us, to change and definitely open new horizons in front of us! Thank you for this amazing discovery!

When I became pregnant, Chris offered me a beautiful necklace that seemed to be calling my name. As I closed it around my neck, I felt a beautiful protective energy surrounding the foetus and I. A day later a kept ringing in to my inner ear, Galaté, was the name, a name somehow connected to what is known as the energy of the star people in the shamanic vocabulary. Later on in the pregnancy as the birth was approaching, Chris offerd my husband and I a series of three more necklaces (all by the way are made of semi -precious and precious stone, mindfully selected one by one by its creator). One was connected to the energy of water and literally the capacity to go with the natural flow of life, just like water, and became mine for the rest of my pregnancy. This necklace accompanied me all the way to the delivery room where it consistently reminded me to follow the natural waves of the contractions ( I ended up giving birth naturally without epidural despite having initially been induced). The second one was more a warrior talisman and was kept by my husband ( who is a karate national champion, let’s say a modern peaceful warrior), as a reminder and help to protect Our sacred space in that magic period surrounding the arrival a new child. The last one, but not least , was named mother leopard, and was a gift to our daughter, a powerful necklace, with a amazing protective nature as well an amazing tool to help a new soul to root her body in a physical form on earth. Thank you again!