Dael Foster, Montreal, Quebec

When Chris asked me to do this, I thought “Hey, I’ll knock this off in to time flat!” And then I started thinking about all the things that Chris has done for me and, well, realised that I was going to have to edit heavily if this was going to fit on a web page.

I met Chris about 10 years ago, and have been a client for about 8 years. Our first work together was physical: massage and kinesatherapy. I have scoliosis and Chris gave me a bunch of exercises which, together with his massage work, assisted me with my serious back pain to the point where I almost never suffer from it any more. He also assisted me about 5 years ago when a serious sprain to my left ankle threatened to hobble my capacity to walk, possibly permanently. Today I can report that I walk without assistance, still doing the exercises he gave me to keep my leg flexible and working without the kinds of issues I was suffering from before.

The next work we did was a combination of spiritual and metaphysical, which we began before the massage work. He taught me mudras and energy forms which I use to this day. Chris also taught me meditation images to balance my energy. He introduced me to Cranio-Sacral work, which he used to help me open my healing powers so he could do deeper massage work, the goal being to get my back to straighten. We found that by using this method, he could do much deeper work than we had been able to attempt before and again, my back improved.

We’ve tried EFT, but I find that this does not work for me. We have also tried NLP and had some success, but again, this does not seem to be my “thing”.

And then Chris started making talismans, which I found I could read very well. I started buying them. The first was Persephone, a lovely soft and loving piece which, on taking her home, I found myself totally integrated with in the space of a couple of hours. Persephone was passed along to a dying friend so that he could meditate with her and draw comfort from her during his final days. I also worked with him and Persephone in his final week, alleviating his pain and keeping him centred in his reality so that he could be present for his family.

The next was Goddess, a stunning piece in Amethyst that I have to this day. Her power assists me when trying to break through blocks in my subconscious to reach for things that are keeping me from progressing.

The final piece I own was a request: Ariadne. I asked Chris for something “vaguely Heart chakra-y” and she is what emerged. I use Ariadne to work on my capacity for love, to give and to surrender (big issue in my life) and she has been a wonderful companion and work mate ever since.

I could say an awful lot more about Chris and his capacity to assist one in their healing, but to be perfectly honest, the experience is unique for each person and must be found on their own. All I can speak to is my experience, and Chris has been an amazing guide, guru and travel mate along my path. Try what he offers: I can honestly say that you will come out a happier and healthier person after working with him than you are now, and that the entire experience will be AMAZING.