Interview with Jeff Harding for PSTEC

After having sent an email account of one of my sessions with a Haitian Refugee in which I combined Cardiac Coherence with PSTEC to great sucssess, Tim Phizakerley the creator of PSTEC asked if I would be open to being interviewed by Jeff Harding, noted EFT practitioner and renown Life Coach. Simply click the link .. read more

S.B. — Toronto, Ontario

It’s 2130 hours and I just left Chris. Thank *T.U.B.S. for him. I did some transformational work with him and now life is my oyster. Where there was joy there’s even more joy and I now know what it feels like to connect to my soul in a tangible way. I am now the fearless .. read more

Testimonial from Kelly

I met Chris de Castell about 5 years ago when he was doing 15 min massages at a show. I sat in the chair and I asked him to focus on my neck. I had been having neck and back pain since I was a teenager and a lump on the back of my neck .. read more

Emilie Desmond — Massage-therapist and Doula Montreal, Quebec

I got to know Chris thanks to his massage skills. He offered me a treatment, and I was blown away by his capacity to go deep inside the unconscious world of his client, with no fear of the dark side he might encounter on is way to healing and or relieving the pain. The way .. read more

Dael Foster, Montreal, Quebec

When Chris asked me to do this, I thought “Hey, I’ll knock this off in to time flat!” And then I started thinking about all the things that Chris has done for me and, well, realised that I was going to have to edit heavily if this was going to fit on a web page. .. read more

George Karaminas, Montreal, Quebec

After having worked with Chris for several months now, I can say that he’s a genuine pro. He has the ability to take very complex and multifaceted issues and drill down to their source, where true healing lies. I have lost count of the number of wow moments I have experienced from our sessions, but .. read more

Sameer Panjwani, Toronto, Ontario

Chris is truly a renaissance man of the mind and body work area. With a deep knowledge of the body, its bio chemistry and energetics. Chris takes a unique approach to body work which combines his razor sharp intuition with his voluminous knowledge about the body to create a holistic solution that results in visible .. read more

N Boake, Toronto Ontario

A few years ago, when a serious personal event sent shock waves through my life, I believed I was prepared to handle it. I had been through therapy, met my inner child, achieved advanced status in transformational workshops on both coasts, practiced yoga naked under Kauaian waterfalls and even run a couple of marathons; I .. read more