Chris de Castell

Personal bio

My personal journey is like many other practitioners of the alternative healing arts: early in the game… I got hurt! At 46, having spent years trying to undo my hurts and blockages by studying my pain, it’s origins and manifestations, this is what I’ve learned:

  • Studying what hurts me doesn’t change anything, mostly it just makes me feel worse.
  • The knowledge of what hurts is only useful in that it gives me a target to focus my Tools of Transformation.
  • My life improves when I change my feelings and perceptions by using mind/body techniques that are based on how the mind/body works. We’ve all heard “Change is hard and takes time”. Well, here’s some good news: “Change is easier and faster now” Yes, it still requires time, tenacity and practice but my experience over the past 10 years shows me that life enhancing change can come faster now with the right techniques.

Credentials and experience

Registered Masso-therapist (Quebec) Certificates:

  • Swedish Kinetic Massage
  • Masso-Kinesatherapy
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Training Specialist (Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • PSTEC Advanced Level Practitioner

Training from Schools, Workshops and web training programs:

  • Kinetic Massage and Masso-Kinesitherapy; Kine-Concept.
  • NLP Practitioner ; NLP Centers Canada & The NLP Society
  • Bio-Energetic Cranio-Sacral; Andrea Axt of Montreal
  • The Bio-Energetic Signature technic ; Alexandre Nadeau
  • PSTEC Advanced Practitioner;
  • Cardiac Coherence; Emnergie Montreal
  • Hohoponopono; Dr. Hew Len

Skills acquired throughhome study, mentoring, and extensive practice:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic)
  • TAT( Tapas Acupressure Technic)
  • Toning and Energy Balancing

Other approaches developed over years of personal and professional practice:

  • The Dream Catcher, Guided meditation (based on the Bio-Energetic Signature technic)
  • The Integrated Light Holistic Massage Treatment
  • Meditations/Energy exercises/Mudras
  • Sura vocalisation massage

To know more about how these modalities can help you visit the Tools of Transformation Spectrum page.